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I saw you were following me, and came to check your game.

Well, i didn't like the girls, but you are going for hypnosis which explains why one of the girls is an asshole and the guy is a beta, however from what i saw you are going for the type of hypnosis that makes people into brainless slaves, which is fine, but i prefer the other kind where they get just a bit more easy to push around, giving them suggestions and slowly changing their personalities.

I don't know if you modeled them yourself or if you got them from somewhere else, but they look kind of ugly to me, that second screenshot is a perfect example, not really my taste =(

Hey, guys, we got news. Just check the devlog :)


it will take some time ;)


Do you plan for the NTR and cheating fetish to be avoidable for people who are not into that?

Hi Jimmy, yeah that's interesting. You're not the first person to ask me that. I thank you for your suggestion and I'll implement it.

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Deleted 54 days ago

please add femdom female domination

good point, I will add it :)